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The Intelligence
to Protect

CYE offers a portfolio of innovative cybersecurity solutions and professional services, combining - for the first time - artificial intelligence with the natural intelligence of global cyber experts, along with predictive analytics to deliver unmatched cyber protection.

The New Dawn of Cybersecurity

At CYE, we establish a trusted partnership with your team and help you focus on threats that are specific to your risk landscape and attack surface so you can improve protection efficiency by leveraging the resources you already have in place. The result is uniquely proactive assessment, continuous adaptive protection, and an exceedingly robust cybersecurity posture.


Products & Services Powered by Unique Technology


ScoutSense Continuous Assessment

Continuously assessing the organization’s attack surface, executing new attack scenarios, and uncovering potential risks and the next most likely attack path.

Community-based Red Team Assessment

Executed by CYE’s global community of cyber experts, for uncovering new vulnerabilities and proactively evaluating the organization’s security posture.

Passive Risk Assessment

Enables insurance organizations to leverage public security indicators to continuously estimate the security risk posture of potential and existing clients over time.

Vendor Risk Assessment

Enables continuous external assessment of the cybersecurity posture of third parties, managing and quantifying the potential risk of a supply-chain attack vector.

Mitigation Planner

Applies artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to determine both what is likely to be the next attack and how it is most likely occur, and enabling an effective mitigation action plan.

Red Team Security Posture Assessment

Proactive assessment of the organization’s security posture, uncovering the business impact of different cyberattack scenarios and providing actionable recommendations for remediation.

Crisis Management & Incident Response

24/7 support, ensuring successful containment, remediation and recovery of a breach, reducing response time and minimizing business operational impact; includes threat hunting and forensic evidence collection.

Strategic Cyber Security Consulting

Supporting the organization’s executives and security leaders by evaluating security improvement programs vs. actual threat scenarios, and building short and long term security strategies.

CISO Organization As a Service

Supporting the organization to develop and implement a robust cybersecurity program, and providing ad-hoc access to our experts for assessment, gap-analysis, incident management, training, and more.

Cyber Training

Leveraging our real-world experience for a knowledge transfer that boosts your organization’s cybersecurity capabilities, constructing internal red/blue/incident teams expertise.